Gait Analysis Find The Right Running Shoes

Why have your gait checked ?
Everyone runs differently. This is easily illustrated when you go and watch a race. If you know the runners you can usually tell who is coming by their running style or gait before they get close enough for you to see who it is. To help make running easier and to reduce injuries the specialist running shoe companies make different shoes for different runners.

At Yorkshire Runner we stock lots of different types of shoes so we can find the perfect shoe for every runner. As all our staff have over 20 years of experience in the running specialty market they can help you select the best shoe for you. To do this we will have a look at your foot shape to decide if you need a broad shoe, or a narrow shoe. Is your foot flat and flexible, high arched and stiff or something in between. Do you land heavily on your heels and need plenty of cushioning at the back of the shoe or do you land mid-foot and not need it.

These are just a few of the considerations that Yorkshire Runners staff will make before selecting shoes for you to try. The next part of the process is much more personal. Do you like the fit and feel of the shoes ? We have an unsprung treadmill in the shop so you can give the shoes a test drive. This way you can decide if you like the ride. Are they too soft ?, do they slip at the heel ? All these questions can be answered.

If you would like Yorkshire Runner to help you pick the perfect pair of running shoes. Then pop in to see us. There is no need to make an appointment but, do give yourself enough time to try on a selection of shoes and give them a test drive. It is also a good idea to bring in your preferred running socks (although we can lend you some if you forget) to be assured of the perfect fit. It would also be good to see your last pair of running shoes if you used them just for running. The impression on the insole, wear pattern on the outsole and knowing whether you liked or disliked the shoes will help us help you select the perfect running shoes.