Our Four-Step Fitting Process

Your RUNNING STYLE is unique.

A GOOD PAIR OF RUNNING SHOES help you move forward effectively.
They help CORRECT AND ABSORB all kinds of shearing and twisting forces generated when you run.

Let us help you find the RUNNING SHOES THAT FIT YOUR STYLE with our Four-Step Fitting Process.

1. Knowing you

We listen carefully to your running needs and goals, take into consideration aches and pains. We also like to take a look at your last pair of running shoes if you have brought them along.

2. Your foot shape

We look for specific features. For example: Will you need a broad or narrow shoe, plenty of heel cushioning or zero-drop? Are your feet flat and flexible, high arched and stiff or something in between? Based on our findings, we will bring out the shoes that may work best for you.

3. Gait Analysis

We will carefully inspect the fit of each of the shoes. Next, you can then do a test drive in the street or on the treadmill . You can see if you like the feel of the shoes, while we check how they help you move and work with the biomechanics of your gait.

4. Expert Advice

We’ll discuss the options, provide you with our recommendations and answer any questions. All of us have decades of running and running retail experience. We want you to feel happy and confident about your choice in running footwear.